September 1st, 2020

Hello everyone, just wanted to start sharing our experiences in the facility week by week.  This will be more on the educational/grow side of things which I want to start shifting away from instagram due to the potential of the account getting taken down just for being cannabis related.  I would like to have something for us to all look at without the worry of it all being wiped one day.  I plan on making a post at least once per week going over our trials and tribulations, experiences, failures and successes.  So to kick off this blog post I would like to talk about the last harvest finishing up and this next upcoming round in croutons.  Currently we are on day 63 in the flower room, and we are planning on harvesting on friday, which would bring us to 66 total days for this cycle.  Today will be the last day of light exposure for the plants, for today we have all of the reds shut off including phytochrome transition period (I'll come back to the reasoning), and we have the blues and warms turned up to 100% with the overall intensity at the canopy around 800-1000 ppfd on a 10 on / 14 off light cycle which we have maintained over the course of this entire run.  As some of you may know we made some discoveries about how floraflex nutrients were imbalanced and we did some labs to try to come up with a formula that would work for us as we were experiencing bad potassium deficiencies and magnesium excess in the first two runs.  We discovered a couple weeks ago that the calcium that we were using (Rexolin CA EDTA) was also a big contributor to our issue, the sodium levels which aren't shown on the guaranteed analysis are actually higher than the actual calcium levels.  Sodium is different than salinity or EC, you typically want to see less than 7ppm of sodium in your nutrient solution, and with the labs we did we were seeing around 32ppm with only 1g per gallon of the Rexolin being added.  This is important because the way that plants interact with sodium especially in a hydroponic media causes the plant to uptake the sodium rather than utilizing all of the potassium.  This can be beneficial in a low potassium environment but because floraflex has such high levels of potassium to begin with it was only making our problem worse.  We still experienced some of these potassium issues around day 42+ of flower because when the plants are building up all of their biomass they need all of the potassium they can get especially with everything else being on point nutrient and environment wise and they were essentially trying to use a sub par form of potassium to make up for it.  Due to this we decided to extend the flowering cycle and shut off the far reds for phytochrome transition period early to stop the fast maturation of the trichomes to try to extend the cycle and get some more weight out of them and it appears to have worked, the trichomes aren't heavy on the amber we are going to be on target still hitting them at around 3-5% total ambers which is right where I like them.  The croutons on the other hand are doing great, we are 7 days into veg with them currently and if you saw on the instagram story I posted yesterday they are crushing it, roots already all over the bottom of the pot pros and seeing noticeable growth every single day.  We have another set of clones right behind this one that is going into veg in croutons as well and we plan on making this next harvest one big monocrop rather than a perpetual due to the fact that we had a lapse in clones that was partially our fault and partially politics.  We were having some issues with our aeroponic cloners even when taking all of the precautions we could think of to ensure a good run, we fixed multiple issues including excess c02 concentration over in that corner of the room, replacing all of our collars and sprayers, HEAVILY cleaning every last inch of the cloners and rinsing multiple times and allowing to air dry, we still had issues.  The clones would all curl and eventually have burn on all of the leaves, the stems would seemingly start to peel back from the cut and we wasted a good 700 clones over the course of three runs trying to figure it out.  Finally I decided that we needed to take a final set of clones into rockwool cubes because that has always been tried and true for me so we did and I'm happy to say that all of them have rooted quite fast and are about ready to be transplanted.  We will get back to R&D eventually with the aero but for now we need to make sure that we can keep production rolling.  The other part of the issue was with our township, we were supposed to get adult use (recreational) passed to allow us to get our class A recreational license.  We were working with the township zoning officer for months on this and when it came time for the meeting the township supervisor decided he wanted to go fishing that day so everything got pushed back, we were originally holding out to get this recreational license and label some of our next run as adult use but unfortunately this set us back.  We have definitely gone through some growing pains getting everything up and running but I'm glad to finally be back to my hydroponic roots and I'm excited about the future of the facillity.  We got our new teros 12 meter in just yesterday and I will be working on calibrating it to the croutons this next week along with setting up 1gph pressure compensating drip emitters to go with the cubecaps.  I'll start to dive into all of the intricacies of the new setup on the next post, thanks for reading guys feel free to leave a comment!

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  • Thanks for sharing your grow week with us. Damn 700 clones. Glad to here the rockwool worked out for you. I’ve been having aero/dwc cloning issues as of late myself. Man I love fishing 🎣 but come on. What an asshole. ✌️


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